Monday, June 3, 2013

Make a House a Home...from Scratch! 4

The Kitchen
The first room that everyone looks at in buying a house is usually the kitchen.  Its the heart of the home!  Well, the kitchen in my new house is nothing to brag about that's for sure!  With the house being 60 years old, it sure shows its age!  It needs a whole makeover, but once again, I had to factor in my pocket change budget.
Here is the kitchen as we bought it!
This is the view from the entry way.  Not quite sure what the yuckiness on the floor was...but it is long gone now!  And how about that color scheme?

 My biggest wish is for new cabinets!  Those are way out the budget right now though!  And its definitely lacking quanity, and some doors.  Oh, theres my dear husband in the background changing the locks.  This was the day we got the keys!
This Im guessing is a built in for the fridge. Though there was no appliances at all!  Even the lights were missing!

And the piping was all messed up too!  We had our hands full with this room!
Check back later for a progress update! If you would like to see more in the Make a House a Home from Scratch series, click the links below!

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