Friday, June 14, 2013

I Crochet Too! 2

My sister and her children came and stayed this past Saturday night for a quick visit.  They live quite a drive away so other than holidays, its rare that we actually see each other.  It was nice and we made the most of our time.
The girls all played Headbandz while I got to cook dinner!  Ah, now if you look closely you can see that the whole dining room ...Im talking walls, table and all....are in the middle of rehab! I haven't gotten around to talking about this room yet on the blog so I will save that for later.
Sunday afternoon we all headed down to the lake.  We caught some rays and made sand castles.

And some had even got buried in the sand!  We had a great time!
Ok, now on to the crochet!  I brought up My sisters visit because the piece Im posting today was for my niece who was up visisting, and it finally got to go home!  It has been a completed project for about 6 months but I hadn't had the chance to give it to her.
I chose the colors to match her bedroom, surprisingly enough, her and my daughter have the same taste!
I tried several times to catch a picture of the details but it didn't pick up to well.
And this is what left my house.  My daughter loved it so much that I will probably end up having to make another one.  This will not be happening anytime soon!
I love to crochet, and honestly probably do it more than any other craft, but I find it hard to do in the warmer months.  Its just too hot to have all that yarn laying around on top of you.  Anyone else feel that way??

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