Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Green Thumb 3

Summer has definitely came in with blast..........a heat blast that is!  I am so glad that I got most of my gardening done already.  The thought of watering my plants with sweat does not sound too appealing right now! 
This little project took place last month.  I had already planted all my bulbs and anything that was previously planted had all started to come up. This side of the house was lacking when compared to the others.  Sure it had the row of Hostas and the Snowball bush (which needs some serious  trimming) but it is a deep space and just seemed empty to me.

I wasn't quite sure what to do here really.  So, I headed to Lowes and picked up some flowers to get me started.  I wasn't familiar with the flowers I bought but they all said that they would attract butterflies (which I love)  So I grabbed up a handful and went with it!

Loving the color that it added!  They are perennials so hoping that they take well and produce better next year.  Gotta start from somewhere, right?
We also still had a small pile of creek rock laying around, so I threw some of those in there for walking stones.  They have came in pretty handy when its been time for weeding.  I also liked it because it separated the Hostas from my newly forming Butterfly Garden.

My Green Thumb is continuing to sprout and maybe one day I can get the weeds to stop growing!  Until then......I will pick away!

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