Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Change of Plans

Last week I gave you a Sneak Peek of something that I was in the middle of making for my daughter.  Well, we had a little mishap in the process. It wasn't that it looked bad, it just didn't turn out to be what I was wanting.  We made another trip to the fabric store and found some lovely pink this time, and I knew it was going to be perfect!  Yes.....I needed to make my chicklet a new dress! 
Since my first attempt did not turn out as planned, I was running out of time!   I was left with only two days to complete this.  These were not two full days either!  I work a full time job and still needed to come home each night and cook dinner and take care of the house.  So, I was really pressed for time on this one!  Im guessing it took me around four hours to finish and with such short time, I was very satisfied with the outcome!
I made the perfect little summer dress and it fit great! She is such a tiny little thing that I find it really hard to shop for her.  Nothing ever fits her right. So a lot of times I find it easier to make things for her myself.

Side view
I think the back turned out just as nice as the front!
Ok, so the reason we needed to get this done by Friday was because my oldest niece was getting married!  Will be posting pictures from the wedding real soon so be sure to check back!

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