Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Deal Steals 2

Guess what we did again this past Saturday???
I love a good yardsale and this weekend was full of them!  The counties biggest festival was going on so everyone had all of their goodies out on display and ready for me to snag!
I don't like to pay full price for anything, and its not that Im cheap, I just cant afford it, lol!  Im also crafty so I tend to see what others don't in their junk.  Here is what I pickup up this week:

Frames can get expensive these days!  I have been needing more to fill my hallway with pictures of the cutest kids in the world!  Here I got 2 8x10's for 50 cents a piece, and a 5x7 for a quarter!

This one I did splurge and spend a dollar on but I couldn't pass it up.

A handy dandy bulletin board for chicklets room.....a 50 cent find!

Five yards of fabric at a dollar a yard....I cant wait to get my scissors out!

Drapery pulls.  We were in need of these for the living room, but they may end up in the dining room....I haven't decided yet.  And you see that price tag!

I got this little budle at the same sale as the above fabric.  The thread matched one of the fabrics perfectly and they were 50 cents a piece.  The trim was 75 cents,  I seen something on Pinterest that had me wanting this!

Who doesn't love apothecary jars.  The lady selling these had a story to tell for everything she was selling.  So cute!  The jars were 50 cents a piece.  She said that she had bought two bags of beans to fill them with as a way to display them, in hopes of selling them quicker.  God love her, spending 3 times on beans than what she was asking for the jars!  I through her a little extra, though I will not be using the beans.

3 more bundles of fabric,  I left the tags on so you could see the prices.....these were nothing to pass up.....yellow and gray is really bic right now...wish it fit in my house somewhere.

You can check out my previous finds HERE.  What deals have you got lately?

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