Saturday, June 1, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Today is the first day of a whole new me! Or should I say the beginning of the return to me!  I started a 30-Day exercise challenge that was given to me by my sister who has had much success with it!  If you would like to find out more and get the whole 30 day list, you can find that HERE

The goal for today was: 10 second side plank (each side), 10 crunches, 10 pushups, 50 squats!  Now when I first seen this, I was like 50 SQUATS!!!!!,  will I be able to even walk tommorow???  I was scared....but I made it through just fine.  I did break the squats up into two sets of 25.  I did 25 squats then the rest of the routine and finished with 25 squats.  I don't know if this was allowed but that's how I did it. 

Warning: I am about to post my before pictures!  They may frighten you, so if you are faint hearted, please turn back now!

Ok, so I don't consider myself overweight, but I am out of shape.  My doctor says that my weight is fine.  I fit right into my group based on height, age, and the fact that I have had 3 children.  Personally though, I have always been underweight by the doctors charts (until now) so I try not to base too much off of them.  Every body is built differently and metabolisms can vary.

This is the swimsuit that I wore last summer.  Since I refuse to buy a new one until I get back in shape, this one will work for now.
As I look over these pictures, I really don't think I look much bigger.  But reality set in when I tried my jeans on from two years ago!
Yes, I have stretch marks and three wonderful kids that they are gifts from, no shame here!  The shame is that dunlap..........the belly that Done Lapped over! LOL!
Last picture, I wont torture you any more.  I wore these jeans 3 times before I could no longer fit into them, they are still in brand new condition, along with several other pairs in my closet.  I just can no longer wear my clothes.  I had to do the whole lay on the bed and suck in just to get them buttoned.
I am 32 years old, my height is 5'3.11, and I am currently at 136 pounds.  My measurements on Day 1 of this challenge are as follows:
Arm:  11 1/2 inches
Bust:  34 inches
Waist:  28 inches
Hips:  37 6/8 inches
Thigh:  22 1/2 inches
My goal is to get back into shape, weight is only a number.  But for comparing,  in 2009 (post 3 kids) I was at a healthy and fit 118 pounds.  I am hoping to be able to wear these jeans again!
Wish me luck!
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