Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CVS Couponing

I have been trying to get back into couponing.  I used to be really good at it and it saved us boat loads of money!  The last couple of years though, I just haven't had the time to sit down and really do the research.   I am slowly working my way back to it and am so glad.
This week I bought two Sunday papers and did my online printing.  I managed to find a little extra time and was able to get atleast one store in, said and done!  Here is what I bought today at CVS:
My total cost was $47.73.  My total savings was $52.96.  I know it does not seem like a lot for almost 50 bucks but you have to look at the products that are there.  Everything that I bought was onsale except for the bottle that my husband had to have.  I ran it through as two orders so that I could use the ECB's on my second order.  On top of everything being on sale, I had a coupon for everything or an ECB to add to it.
The paper towels alone I got for under 1.00 a that is cheaper than the Dollar Tree prices!!  I am so excited about getting back into this and cant wait to start saving that money!!

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