Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Make a House a Home....from Scratch! 7

Busy, busy, busy........I have been such a busy bee lately!  For the past three weeks we have had so much going.  We have been out of town twice and had company over a few times as well.   I feel like have not had a chance to get anything done around the house.  I have made progress, but it just isn't coming along as fast as I would have liked and planned.
I chose the colors for the bathroom and my husband isn't so pleased.  Now what do I do?  Well, first of all let me tell you what all we have going on in here.  The bottom half of the walls are some sort of wainscoting.  Since the wall was separated I wanted to do two colors. (you can see my previous post with all the before pictures HERE )
The black trim had to go!  I had such a hard time covering it in the other rooms that in the bathroom, I kinda took the easy route and picked out a dark color.  I love earthy tones so I went with a chocolate brown.  I decided to paint the bottom half of the room this. It was such a dark color that I was afraid that if I painted the top half with it, it would darken the room too much.  And this is where my husband was not pleased.  Since the bottom was wood, he thought that it looked tacky brown because now it looked like fake wood, lol!  Well, it was already painted white before so wouldn't that have looked fake too?
Aside from his opinion, I did it anyways!  I kept having to convince him that once it was all finished an decorated that it would look good, and he would like it.  Once, I got the first coat on,  I started second guessing myself!  Oh, no!  Did I just make a huge mistake?  Was my husband actually right this time?  No, no, no........I was not giving in that easily.  I refused to give him the satisfaction of saying "I told you so"!! 

I put the second coat on, and I was feeling pretty satisfied with it!  The top we gave a fresh coat of white, and I was calling the  painting in this room done!  Now, I just needed to find the perfect pieces to tie the whole room together and show him that the brown was the right choice!
I found this canvas print at Lowes for like $12.00!  I absolutely love butterflies, and it had my browns in it!  My husband is a fan of the color blue, so when I seen this I knew that this was my color palette.  I found my inspiration!

I searched around the house to see what I could use in my bathroom before I did anymore shopping.  I found this old tea light holders.  I picked them up at the Dollar Tree some years back.  They haven't had a place in my home for quite sometime, but now they were being used again.  They even fit right in with my new butterfly picture.

To bring out the blue in the picture, I picked these window curtains up at Walmart.  They were around 10-15 bucks.  I had to buy two panels though so that brought my cost to double. They matched great though!  They are shiny!
After I started putting the room together, my husband was no longer able to say those dreaded words to me!  He actually liked it!  The room is on its way to being finished!  Woohoo!

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