Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dry Cracked Heals Solution

Summer is my favorite season, for many reasons.  I love the warm weather, the kids are out of school, we get to eat BBQ......yum!,  and one of my favoritest things.......wearing flip flops or better yet....bare feet!!!!
The only problem is that walking around bare foot all the time does tremendous damage to heals.  My feet get dry and ashy, and my heals end up hard and cracked.  This can be a real problem, and unsightly at that! 
Sure I could go and spend $40.00 bucks on a pedicure, ah..........that sounds so nice.....but the only problem is.......Im broke! Lol!  No seriously, things like that are just not in my budget.  I maintain my toe polish myself and I do a pretty good job.  I have learned to file and paint like the pros and it has saved me tons of money that Im able to spend on things we really need.  I even have all the tools to maintain nice smooth heals, but for some matter how much buffing and products I use I can never get my heals to what they should be.
Until now!!
You see this little baby here!  Yeah, well this has been my miracle cure.  Im not brand specific, so that doesn't really matter here.  This just happened to be the bottle I already had at the house.  I had heard before that Tea Tree Oil is good at keeping Lice away, so I put a little bit in the kids shampoo, especially during school season.  Hey, you can never be too careful with things like that.
Back to the feet!  I have been rubbing this on my heals at night (just with my fingertips)  for the last few days.  I can already see a difference!  Hoping that after another good home pedicure that I can finally be rid of my problematic heals and feel confident that walking around barefoot is not going to be an issue no more!
Just a little advice, this worked for me. 
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