Saturday, June 15, 2013

Make a House a Home.....from Scratch! 6

I have been back at it! 
We finished up all the painting in my daughters room!  It is now pretty and pink and fit for a princess!  If you missed the first post of her room, you can find it HERE.  I must say we have came along way and there is now no more signs of SpongeBob!

I have now been trying to come up with decorating ideas to suite her color scheme of Pink, Black and White!  She loves the Zebra print that seems to be everywhere these days.  I find it rather played out so I have been putting off buying it, but I know its coming!  So, until then were just doing baby steps and picking up little things here and there.

The first thing we bought was new bedding.  I had to pack up the quilt I made for her previously, it was getting a bit ragged and the colors were now going to clash.  As a substitute (until I have time to make her new one) we bought a comforter set at the Dollar Store......yes, I said it, the Dollar Store!  It was on sale for $15.00 and had her colors! 

The beginning of decorating had begun!  The next thing was to girly it up a bit, and when your throwing black in any little girls have to add the girliness! 

A screwdriver and a can of spray paint was all we needed to get rid of that rainbow ceiling fan.  Once we added this back to the room, all signs of the previous colors were gone! 
She has been begging for a canopy bed, why, because  there is nothing that screams princess more than a canopy!  Geez mom....don't you know that??  Sorry babe, but your room is just not big enough for one (really I just cant afford it)  but I couldn't tell her that.  She settled for a home made canopy that was just the right size for her room!  And I must say, it turned out beautifully!
If you like the canopy, you can find the tutorial to make your own at craftaholicsanonymous.  It was super easy!  And it only cost me $10.00! 
The only thing in the picture that I didn't mention was the valance.  That is because it was from her previous room and will be getting replaced.  It was one of my first sewing projects and as you can tell it is a little lop sided, lol. 

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