Saturday, May 25, 2013

Make a House a Home.....from Scratch 2

Living in a townhouse for two years left us with only having room for the bare essentials, so when we were finally able to move into a house, it seemed as though we had nothing!  I had got rid of almost everything, because we simply just did not have any extra space, and decorating was non existent!  I now find myself needing to fill every little nook and cranny of our new home, after all this was going to be a completely new start for our little family.
I have been working on the bathroom lately.  And yes, we only have the one! Our mornings are very hectic, and we have to maintain a strict schedule or no one gets to school on time!
Here is what we moved in to, my blank canvas:
White walls.....well atleast half.  The bottom is some sort of wainscotting.  And there once again, is that lovely black trim that the previous homeowners seemed to be crazy about!

I love a tiled shower, only problem is the shower tiles do not match the floor tiles.  Changing those is a little out of the budget at the time, so they will have to suffice.

One bonus to the single bathroom was the double sinks it had to offer.  They have came in very handy, though the mirrors are once again, non matching.

My bathroom needs a complete makeover!  Im going to start with some paint, and see where that takes me.  If you have any advice or decorating ideas, please share! I need some inspiration!!

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