Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pioneer Days

Last week, my daughter brought home a permission slip from school to participate in their celebration of Pioneer Days. I read through the paper noting that she would need a sack lunch and no chaperones were needed, signed it and packed it away in folder. On Sunday night, she brings to me another paper about the field trip. As I was reading over this one, my jaw started slowly dropping to the floor! They needed costumes!!!!!!! How I neglected to see this paper on Friday is beyond me! So, here I am, night before the field trip with no costume! I could not by any means send her to school to be the only one not dressed for the celebration. I scrambled around the house and came up with a few things that just might work! Now, this was not going to be my best work, or even decent work with the time and materials I had to work with but I did manage to come up with this......................

She didnt have a white blouse so we settled for a plain T.  Grabbed an old skirt from my scrap box, pleated and sewed it to the shirt.  The tan clothe and lace trim I had left over from a project a few years back, and with this we whipped up a quick apron!  The bonnet......well......there was some mishaps along the way with that but she was proud to wear it just the way it was!
Aside from all the flaws, she loved it!  And that made me smile!  No matter how bad I knew the seams were, or how frumpy the T was......she thought it was the best thing ever!
My own little Laura Ingles!
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