Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hello Blogland!

New Blogger here!  As if that's not stating the obvious, right! 
Since this is my first post, I just want to throw a little out there about myself and what you can expect to find on my page, if, you happen to come across it. 
First off, I am simple, and live a very simple life.......which seems to work out for me just fine.  I am a wife and mother of three.  I  work a full time job, while trying to maintain a clean house.  Life can get crazy around here!   I am the BIGGEST procrastinator I know!  Most of the time I am a stressful mess......but I see a doctor for that, lol! 
I decided to start a blog basically to keep track of all my internet finds ( I am a surfing addict) and projects that I do myself.  I love to create, so Im always looking for new ideas......and if I stop procrastinating you may even get to see me finish some projects of my own!
There you have it!  A few basics with more to come as you follow along! 
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