Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Sew Too!

When it comes to sewing,  I am a total ametuer! I never quite seem to get past that phase of it either, but I keep stitching on!  My seams are never perfect and half the time my cuts are not straight but no one around my house seems to care, or atleast they don't complain about it!

This week past week, I decided to make a gardening apron for my mother inlaw.  We were going to be spending part of Memorial Day weekend with her so I wanted to surprise her with a little gift.

 One thing that her and I have in common is that we love butterflies!  And I just happened to already have some material on hand with them on there.  The green fabric  and yellow bias tape was from a previous baby quilt I made for a friend.  The buttons left over from a crochet project, matched the colors of the fabric perfect so I through them on there as well!  It was nice to not have to spend a penny to make this!  Now I am on a mission to  make one for myself!

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