Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Crochet Too!

I love anything crafty!  It runs in my blood!
My great grandmother was a master quilter, my grandmother was the family crocheter and my mother could paint anything!  I myself, dabble in a bit of everything......and my daughter is finding her way too!
My post series titled I Crochet Too!  will highlight all of my crochet projects.  Its a nice little spot for me to keep track of the things I have created with my hand me down skill.  Thankyou grandma!
Okay so this is not the best picture, I know.....but it was taken with the phone and it was the only one I had before I gave the little thing away.  This hat was made by request for my cousin inlaws soon to be born first son!  She had been searching Etsy for one when I told not buy one, I can make it!  I seen a few pictures of them online myself so the process was trial and error!
Welcome Cahlin to the world!! 

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