Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Green Thumb 2

Now that all the Daffodils have bloomed and gone away the front strip of my house is an awful site.  I have never had Daffodils before so I wasnt quite sure what to do with them now.  Then I found this article on eHow about haystacking them! 
We did this to all the dying flowers and it seemed to work out great!  There is a possisble chance that they may not bloom next year due to this method so be sure to read up before proceeding.  Once the leaves had all died, we cut them back to the ground.  No more unsightly plants!  Now what to do with the empty space?
The other side of the house had an abundance of Hostas, so I decided that I would split them up a bit to fill in for the Daffodils till they bloomed again (hopefully) next spring.  I have planted many Hostas before, but have never split them so I needed a little internet help here.

Here from Garden Web  is the tutorial I used to move my many Hostas!  This made it so easy to do!

These are the Hostas that I am going to be moving.  And hopefully once they are dug up I can work on getting rid of all the stray grass that keeps popping up!  Any suggestions on things to use, that will not kill plants???

Here is where I moved them to after I split them up.  It fills in the space nicely and gives them more room to grow!  Now just need to head back to the store for some more my bare spots! 

Now, I have this space that has been untouched for who knows how long!  It is sight for sore eyes that's for sure!  Maybe I can pick up something this week to pretty it up a bit!

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