Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wreaths: Memorial Day

I have always loved the inviting feel a wreath gives me when walking up to a door.  Its like a beautiful wordless sign saying "Welcome, come in and stay awhile". 
I adore the homemade ones the best!  The time, effort and love that goes into making them is something that is to be admired. 
I have yet to get the chance to make one myself, but now that we are in our own home I plan on doing one for every holiday and season.  Here I have compiled a list of my favorite Memorial Day wreaths that I have found.  Enjoy!
This burlap beauty by RedRobynLane can be found on Etsy!
Also on Etsy is this very lovely patriotic primitive by Elegantholidays !
This one from Attempting Creative even comes with a tutorial!
Love a little ruffle in my life!  Check it out over at Holiday Helpings.
If these dont get me inspired to start on my own wreath that I dont know what will!  These can also double for Independence Day. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and remembers why we celebrate while they are grilling. 
I know I will.
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