Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 12: The Bathroom

Okay, so I jumped ahead 6 weeks!  Lol!

I have been so busy that I just have not been able to keep up with all the weekly challenges going on at A Bowl Full of Lemons, that and some of the rooms on the list I do not have in my home.  They are just starting Week 6 which is the Master Bedroom, and I may try to work on that this week.  This past week I was able to work on the bathroom which isn't until Week 12 but it was in dire need so I skipped ahead!
We have two medicine type cabinets in our bathroom and everything small usually gets shoved up in these in no particular order.  I started by removing everything, from every cabinet and grouping the stuff in piles of like items.  This made it a lot easier to find homes for the items. 

The problem when cleaning out this cabinet was that I found that I had several small items that I didn't want to put back!  Each shelf was now organized by groups and I couldn't mess that up with unlike items.  So I did have to search around for some new spots.
This one was a little easier,  it was already grouped together pretty well, so just by removing a few items it was done.  Now for the closet............and where I hid everything else, lol!
Bins, bins and more bins...........from the Dollar Tree of course!  It is my total go to place for cheap storage.  Once again, everything is now grouped with like items and is now so much easier to find everything.  The two red bags are our first aid kits (I got the bags free when purchasing other items).  One hold all the ointments and liquid type products and the other all bandages and such that you would not want wet.
I am feeling pretty satisfied!  Its amazing how much easier your life can be by just adding a couple bins!  I cant believe that it took me this long to finally get a grip on my life..........and all I had to do was a little organizing!  Bathroom routines will no longer be the same........and that is a good thing!

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