Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Green Thumb! 6

 I have some yumminess growing in the yard.  We didn't realize it, but we have a pear tree! 
Isnt she a beauty!  Not sure what type of pairs she is growing, but they are starting to really show now!

I have never had a pear tree before, so this is going to put my research skills to some use.  I  need to figure what kind they are, how to take care of them, and then start looking into canning!  I am excited!
We also discovered that the previous owners planted grapes!  These are very young plants, and only the one is producing fruit but with a few more years and some maintenance......I may be able to make some jelly!

Since were new in the house this year, we didn't have time to get a garden going.  Next year though we plan on adding a big one!  I want to be able to grow our own food and preserve it for the down seasons. 
The house should be overall finished by then and I can get my hands dirty on other things.......and the garden will have great benefits!!

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