Friday, July 19, 2013

AG party pack has arrived!!!

I am super stoked!!!!!!  I just received my American Girl Crafts  party pack from House Party, and it is amazing!!!!!  If you haven't heard of House Party then you def. need to head to their website and check it out!  They have some awesome opportunites going on!
There is so much stuff here that I know these girls are going to have a blast!
My little girl was so excited when the package came today she called me at work and was begging to open it!  I love to scrapbook, and so does she, so when the chance to host the party came up, I was quick to apply!
We have goodies galore!!  The girls are gonna sticker their way into creating a new  wonderful memory, while preserving some old ones!

Each girl will be receiving her very own My Life mini scrapbook made by American Girl!  These are too cute! 

The party pack was full of just about any American Girl Crafts that you can think of!  Anything and everything these girls are going to need to create their own fabulous book!

The party is being held on July 27th......and we still have lots of planning to do! 

Also, included n my party pack was these two Sew and Share crafts by American girl.  One for my daughter to keep and one for us to raffle off..............that should def. add to the excitement!!
**I am not affiliated with American Girl Crafts in anyway.  Any opinions on products are strictly my own and this is not a paid advertisement.  I received the party pack for free, in exchange for hosting a party using the above products shown.**

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