Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cooking like Grandma....My Love of Comfort Food! (and a hop)

Sundays around my house, are full of many great smells and smiles!  I work a hectic full time job so week night dinners have a tendency to be quick and simple........but not on Sundays. 
Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I spend almost every minute of it in my kitchen.  I always get up way earlier than everyone else and start making breakfast.  We have a no cereal rule on this day.   I usually prepare such a big meal that lunch gets skipped over, but that only gives me more time to make an even bigger meal for dinner!

Our Sunday dinners usually consist of some good ole comfort food!  You know, the kind your grandmother used to make.  No calorie counting, no portion controls, and definitely not short on the good stuff, that's not so good for you.  Its an anything goes, splurge day!
I love vegetables, and have never had a problem getting my kids to eat theirs.  My grandmothers green beans are a total guilty pleasure of mine.  Oh, these are soooo bad for you......but anything good usually is!  These are made with three cans of cut greenbeans, half an onion, a chunk of rind from a roast or ham, and a table spoon of bacon grease....boiled down twice.  Artery clogging Im sure.......but so so good!
The Green beans are a perfect compliment to Country Fried Steak!  My husband calls this a blue plate special.......old school, mom and pop diner dinners!  I think is his favorite Sunday dinner....and its a pretty good one too.  There is a reason why its called comfort food!
Do you have good memories of eating dinners prepared by your grandmother, perhaps you still make some of her recipes.   Would love for you to share!

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