Saturday, July 27, 2013

Raining On My Parade

Ugh!  Seriously.....I wake up this morning and it is pouring down raining!  And it needs to stop asap!
First up today is the American Girl crafts party that I am hosting through   My daughter and I have been planning this for a month.  Invitations are out, rsvps are in, table is prepped, loot bags packed and goodies are made! 
I got to spend some amazing quality time with my little chicklet going through all the photo albums helping her pick out which ones she wanted to include in her My Life American Girl Scrapbook.  This was great, we spent hours talking about past memories and good times.  Made me realize just how precious little moments like that are.  I am so glad that I got the opportunity to host this party.
Next up for the day we have grill out planned........and this is why I desperately need it to stop right now would be great!
A few weeks ago, thanks to Facebook, I reconnected with some family friends from my childhood.  I haven't seen this family in 20 years!!!!  Our parents were really close friends when we were younger and when they moved out of state, we all just kind of lost contact.  People get busy and life just kind of happens, ya know.
This family was very important to us as children.  We had lots of good times together, and they even helped us through some of the bad ones.  They were like our second family back then.  I was so excited when I found the first sibling that I immediately started contacting the others through facebook as well. 
I got together with the family and invited them all to come over today for a grill out so we could all reconnect again. My sister is driving my mom up from out of state and my mother has no idea that they will be here!!!  This is going to bee a huge surprise for her..........and if I know my mom.....she will for sure be crying when she sees everyone!
Some of my inlaws will also be coming in from out of state today......this will be there first visit to our new house. 
There is alot of memories to be made today...........and day full of family and old is going to be such an amazing time!  My camera is charged and ready to go!!!!
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