Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oddities at Jungle Jims

Here in the Cincinnati Area we have the best store ever.... Jungle Jim's International Market!!  This store is huge, and we are lucky enough to have two of them within a half hour drive apart!  They have anything and everything you could ever imagine in your life. 
One of our favorite Food Network shows is Chopped.......and if you have ever seen it, then you know they use ingredients that you and I have probably never heard of, right?  Well, at  Jungle Jim's,  you will find all of these items!  Pretty cool, huh?! 
I have a passion for cooking, and love to try new recipes or items that I have never ate before.  This store gives you the opportunity to try any recipe......no matter how gourmet or exotic.  It is like a dream come true for a cooking fanatic!
Not that I would try everything that they have, but its always good to know that the items are there just in case!  The store is sectioned off by region or country making easy to find particular items if you know what your looking for.
Cod Roe Pate...........who knew they even made this stuff???
And a $40.00 Ostrich egg............yeah, I told her she better put that down nice and slowly!!
I offered to let her have one of these suckers...........but she passed.

Viking Blood?  Who comes up with these names??  If you like wine like I do.....this store carries over 12,000 kinds!  Amazing!
I can spend all day in this store just looking at all the new exciting things that I didn't even know existed.  We try to go atleast twice a month.  Whenever we get bored with the same old recipes....we head to Jungle Jim's and pick up a new item. 
I cant wait till our next trip!

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