Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Make a House a Home....from Scratch! 9

Two weeks later and we are back in the dining room......trying to make some progress but its moving pretty slowly.  If you missed the beginnings of this room, you can find that HERE

This room was put off because we use it less then the others and it needed the most work!  It is the ultimate thorn in my side!  We did finally start the process of fixing of the walls and that in itself is challenging.  They are plaster, which makes for a big mess and or lots of work. 
We contemplated ripping them out and replacing them with drywall.  That was a little over our head and budget.  My husband can do all the work so it was more of a time and budget thing.  We decided to just repair them for now and maybe in a few years take on a complete redo.
All hard work and no play becomes very tiring and mundane......can also stall the project.  So, today my chicklet and I went to look at wallpaper (we will be doing the bottom of the room in it).  This was fun!  Lots of colors and patterns.....really took the mind off the stressing mess back at the house.  She was not the best help though.....and was a little disappointed when I told her we could not use the pink guitars!!

These were a few of my choices.  I like the blues.....and it will match well with the rest of my house.  I find blue very calming in the home.......but you will never catch me wearing it, lol.
We had a great day though looking through all the books.  Nothing yet ordered, it was so hard to choose just one!  Once we get to the point of actually needing it,  we will finalize our decision....until then.........its white walls!!!
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