Saturday, July 20, 2013

Upcycled....... an Instant Vase

We are big recyclers here at my house.  I smash any and every box possible, rinse every can and bottle, save old clothes for crafts, etc.  I always try to find a way to reuse an item before it even goes in to the recycling bin.  Waste is not something that we do in my house.  I throw away only the things that I absolutely have to.  
We have several live plants in our office at work, my boss has the biggest green thumb ever!  One of the plants was getting way to big for its spot so I was asked if I would like to take some of it home.  Yay me!  Free plants!  Only problem was when I got them home, I soon realized, I had nothing to put them in!  So, I headed straight to the recycling bin!  What did I find?  None other than this nice olive oil bottle.

It was just the right size for my new vines, and I liked that it had the raised lettering and details.  This baby came pre-decorated!  So the first thing I did was to remove the label.  I peeled off as much as I could, and then soaked it in soapy hot water to remove the sticky stuff.  Wrapped the top with a little ribbon........and voila! Instant vase!

Im not sure what type of plant this is but I was told it only needed to be placed in water.  And this is also how we keep them at work, and they seem to thrive.

Made a nice little addition to my kitchens window sill, and the bottle was just the right size for the ledge.  It even matches my valance (which Im looking to replace).

I even had enough left over to add to the mantle in the living room!
Free plant, free vase..........home décor does not get any better than that!

Little Homestead on the Hill
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