Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dresser Redo Part: 5 (drawer pulls)

 Well.....this is the last step in my dresser transformation and it was the easiest part of the whole thing!  Below are the links to the rest of the posts of this project.  Click on them to see how I got to where I am at now with this dresser.

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When we got the dresser the top drawer was missing a pull.  Some of the other pulls were kind of rusty and gritty.  I loved these pre existing handles though, and didn't want to replace them.  Since I was missing one, I did have to buy new ones for the top drawer, but seeing it all together now......the mismatched handles just add more flair to the piece.

I washed all the old handles with soap and water, and scrubbed them down with a wire brush to get the grit off.  Once they were thoroughly dry, I stuck them into a piece of Styrofoam so that they would be raised off the surface.  This was a very handy step being that I was getting ready to spray paint them.
To freshen up the older handles, and make the new ones match, I chose this!!!  I wanted that old aged bronze look and thought this would be perfect.  Silly me did not test spray this product before applying to my handles though......and I got an unexpected result.  The color that came out was not the same as what was on the can!!!  Instead of being bronze, it came out more of a dark pewter color.  I ended up liking the color so I stuck with it.  Plus, this stuff runs about 8 bucks a can.  Lesson learned.
After letting the handles dry over night I reattached them to the drawers.  I was totally in love with the finished look!
Come back Saturday for the big reveal!!!!!!  Woot!!


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