Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dresser Redo Part: 1

My posts have been very few here lately, but I promise that it is because I have so busy.....and this post covers three days of that awayness!  Ok, I don't think that was a real word but you get the point, lol.  Anyways, so I always see all these beautiful furniture makeovers that everyone else keeps doing....and have yet been able to do one of my own.....until now!  I am super excited to be able to share my very first one with all of you.  I put alot of hard work into it, and love the way it turned out!  I took a lot of pictures, so this will be a lengthy post, so many that I had to break this up in parts, lol!
My sister will be moving in the next month or so and has been going through her things.  Her shed has been a catch all for the last five years.  Anything that she didn't want in the house, was just tossed in there!  And not in a very organized manner, lol.  She didn't want to bother with anything that was in this shed, so she gave me free reign to go rummaging......she knows me so well!  In this mess of a shed is where I acquired the dresser that I am about to show you!
Here it is, all abandon like, half way covered with an old inflatable pool, drawers all out....just thrown in there and left to rot! Look to the see that trunk sitting there?  Yep, that is coming home with me on the next trip!

Oh, and here are the poor drawers.....covered with dust and spider webs....carelessly tossed in among themselves.  They took a pretty good beating over the years of being in the shed.  The next picture shows a pretty chewed (dog) up corner.  This was the scary damage.  The dresser was not solid fixing this was going to be a challenge!
My husband and I loaded it all up and off we went......not sure what we had just gotten ourselves into, but the dresser was free and it was atleast worth the drive to try and save it!
After a two hour drive and a good she is!!!!  Isnt it just a beautiful piece??   Its hard to tell in the picture, but the front of all the drawers are curved and have a nice etched in line around the whole thing.  I was in love with this piece already! Aside from the chewed corner, she is also pretty scratched up, missing a drawer pull and the rest of the pulls are pretty rusted but she is a masterpiece in the making..........I promise!
Dresser Redo Part: 2 coming soon!!!!!!

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