Thursday, September 12, 2013

7 DIY Fall Leaf Projects

I was always say that Summer is my favorite season.......but when Fall starts to approach I find myself saying that it is my favorite season, lol.   Just another one of those things that I can not make up my mind about I suppose! 
I do love Fall though.  The cooler temperatures mean time for snuggling and time for breaking out all my favorite boots.  With less outdoor activites going on I get to do more inside crafts.....and its also the first hint that the holidays are coming!
My most favorite thing of all about Fall the changing and falling of the leaves!  It is natures art!  All those beautiful colors and shades........I just love it!  And then........your left with the mess to clean up in the yard, lol. 
Ok, so instead of dreading the raking of all those leaves, think of it as collecting supplies!  I have here 7 DIY projects that will surely put some of those great leaves to use!  Check them out, all links have tutorials, and they may help inspire you to come up with a creation of your own!

Leaf bowl from Gembobs Crafts
 Our leaves have yet to start changing or even falling for that matter, but I can not wait till they do! Free new home décor here I come!! 

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