Sunday, September 1, 2013

30-Day Challenge September

Just want to start off by saying that I was a total slacker last month!!  I didn't get much exercising in at own fault for not making time for it, but I really just didn't have the time at all!  I had (and still have) a few different crochet projects that I was working on,  the dining room is in complete disarray, SCHOOL STARTED, a few get togethers and BAMMMMMM...the month was gone!
This month, I am definitely going to have to step up my game, especially since last month was a fail!  Today.....I start walking/jogging.  I dislike cardio so this is going to be a big step but I have come to realize that I need the cardio to burn the fat.  The past three months I have been doing mostly squats, crunches, etc.  and while I have seen some results, I think I hit a road block.  I am doing more toning than burning.....which is causing me to not be slimming, just trimming.

Okay, so here is Septembers calendar!

 Most of the exercises are the same.  I was really enjoying some of them, and I did see some results, so I didn't want to give up on those just yet.  I left the numbers on them still low as well, because I didn't want to set too high of goals and give up because it was too much.  So I figured, if I could reach these low goals everyday, atleast I have accomplished something.  And, if I move past them, then that's bonus work!

The walking/jogging I set for one hour.  I haven't really got a set route yet that I plan on going, so as I get this part all figured out.....I will be able to change the time cap to mileage.  Also, since jogging is gonna be totally new to me, I wanted to start out walking and work myself up to the jogging part, lol.

End results for August are posted in the header tab as always!  If you join me this month good luck to all!


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