Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday 3 on a Tuesday!

First off, I wanted to remind everyone to go enter the IT WORKS giveaway going on right now that I am co-hosting!  If you missed the post yesterday.....no worries.......you can head on over HERE to enter for your chance to win! 

Ok, so this week I did not get a chance to work on the The Tree of Life baby blanket that I have showed you the past two WIP Wednesday.  And why....well because I have been busy prepping for Christmas.  I know, I know its forever away but with this is going to be our first Christmas in the new house.  And the first year that we are finally going to have a fireplace to hang stockings on!!!

So, here is what I have going on this week!

There are five of us here and the pooch!  Its a good thing I can whip this up in no time!  Im expecting to have all five finished this week so I can join FO Friday for the first time!!

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