Thursday, August 22, 2013

Make a House a Home from Scratch 10

Its been a month or so now since I have last posted about our renovation. Why? Well, because we haven't been working on the house at all!  Isnt that awful?  We just kind of hit a road bump.  But we are starting to get back on track now.
  The ceiling had a crack running across the entire thing and was not fixable.  So, we were left with the decision to either cover the ceiling with a thin layer of drywall or rip the whole thing out and do it the right way!  Either way we were going to pretty much need the same supplies.  So last week we headed to our local hardware and went ahead and made some purchases.  Now all we needed was some more man I thought!!
Today, I came home from work to this:
My husband and sons gutted the ceiling!  Thank goodness they had most of the mess cleaned up before I got home!

There is still a lot of work to be done before we can start putting up new materials but aleast we are on a roll and back in the groove!
If you would like to see all the progress we have made on this room and the rest of the house, check out the first nine posts in the Make a House a Home from Scratch series!

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