Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Stockings in the Works

More stockings in the works!
 Yes, this week has been dedicated to getting all new stockings made for Christmas this year.  These work up quickly so, I figured I could get these done and out of the way in a breeze!
I looked online for a "stocking" pattern but didn't really find what I was visualizing in my head. So I went with a pattern for socks!  I did change things up a bit from the original pattern but it was a good start.  You can find the pattern HERE at Mrs. D Crochets.

Each one of my kids wanted something slightly different in color.  So I chose a few that would fit us!  I couldn't bring myself to stick with the traditional dark greens and reds. 
Tommorow for FO Friday I will be posting all five that I plan to have finished!  See ya then!

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