Friday, August 2, 2013

Novasure and a little TMI

This post may contain a little (TMI) too much information for some of you, so I just want to let you know that upfront before you read too far in.  My reason for posting about this is to hopefully get some insight on the subject from some of you that may have experienced the same thing.
In case you are not familiar with the product  Novasure, it is a brand name for a device that is used in the procedure known as Endometrial Ablasion.  Ablasion is done as an alternative, to having a hysterectomy.  The device is inserted into the cervix once dialated, and lasers away the lining of the uterus. 
I am 32 years old, have had three children and a tubal litigation.  My sister and my mother both suffer from Endometrios.  I have yet to be diagnosed with it but have problems as well.  My periods are to the point of being debilitating!  Upon my most recent visit to the doctor, I was given three options to remedy this.  An IUD, Endometrial Ablation, or a Hysterectomy.
I have known several people that have had many problems with an IUD and I immediately ruled this option out.  The percentage of this helping me, was far lower than what I was looking for as well.  The Hysterectomy, I was not fond of either.  I am too young and the idea of possibly having to be on hormones for 20-25 years was not something that I even remotely wanted to consider.  So, I have been focusing my research on the Endometrial Ablasion.
Novasure is the device for the procedure that my doctors office offers.  I have viewed the website and even checked it out on the FDA site.  I have tried to look up testimonials and such but everything that I am finding is very negative.  This concerned me and almost made me throw this option out as well.  But the I got to thinking..........when someone has a bad experience, they are more likely to blast their story on the internet than someone who has had a good experience.  Im sure positive outcomes.....those people have moved on with their lives and don't think twice about it now.  So I decided not to let this sway my decision.

I am hoping to find some people who have had positive experiences with this procedure.  Get some real insight on what this is all about.  Have you or anyone you know ever had this done?  Any advice to share???
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