Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Sunday Social 5

Sunday Social
1. What were you like in middle school and high school?
I loved middle school!  I was pretty much friends with everyone, never really got into the whole "click" thing.  We had some of the best teachers there too!  I did the school newspaper for 3 years.  Our highschool consolidated for towns, so it was a big change going there.  I never really enjoyed it as much as I should have.

2. What were your favorite pastimes?
Most of my after school days were spent hanging out at my friend Erins house.  She lived right down the road. 
3. What songs were you obsessed with?
I loved No Doubt!  I still listen to all the older stuff now, lol!

4. What fashion statement do you look backing and cringe?
In middle school we were still rocking the 80's big hair.  Lots of hair spray and everyone had a perm! 

5. Who was your celeb crush?
Hmmm.........long time ago.......I would have to think on that one!
6. What was your favorite movie?
My favorite movies then....which were older.....and they are still my favorite movies today, lol.  I don't seem to change much.  Grease, Dirty Dancing, Splash, Ghost, Pretty Woman....and others.

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