Thursday, October 3, 2013

Diy: Turning Wood into Metal

Just a quick little tutorial in case you haven't figured this one out yet..........!!
If you seen my posts on my dresser redo over the last few weeks, then you would have seen that I bought a can of Rustoleum to repaint the dresser pulls with.  Well, I still had plenty of paint left in the can for another project.
I found these candlestick holders for a dollar at the thrift store.  I was happy with the wood, but was itching to use the spray paint again.....and thought that these may match up a little better if they were metal.

I laid down newspaper as to not make a mess of the stepping stones outside, and sprayed away!!!  It was like instant gold!  Well........pewter, but you get my point.  When you seen these, they appear to be super heavy duty metal but light as a feather!!

If you get close up, you can still see the wood grain, but I love them.......quick simple and cheap way t update your décor!

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