Monday, October 21, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

I know it is only Monday........but I am already for Friday!   I feel exhausted just thinking about everything that I need to get done this week!!
Today worked my 8 hours at the 9-5.  Came home and made Chicken Parmesan for dinner and then proceeded to work on my chicklets Halloween costume some more.  Which, I will say, is coming along just fine so far.  I tried to take a few pictures of it......but the lighting in my house is so bad when it is dark outside.  So much for posting that for my WIP this week.  Maybe I will just try again tomorrow.  Once the crochet work is finished.......then it is time to complete the rest.  I feel so behind being that Im running out of time quickly, lol.
Also, coming up this weekend is one of my sons birthdays............the big 16!!!!!!  I am feeling pretty old right about now!!!  Crazy how fast they grow.  Saturday morning we will be heading to the BMV to take our written driving tests....oh joy!  And yes, I said we!  Why?  Well, because when I moved a few months back I neglected to get my drivers license switched to my new state.  Hey...don't judge......I had a pretty awesome picture on my old one and just wasn't ready to part with it yet.  We all know how horrible those pictures can be.
My son driving......ugh!  I don't want to think about it! 
Enough ranting and whining for the night.........

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