Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ditching Carbs

Since the kids have been back to school they have really cut into my morning time.  I was doing so good on monthly workout challenges and even had results. Now.....I have put the weight back on due to lack of exercise. It is so hard to find the time while getting three kids ready for school and then muself for work. So I am trying a new approach....ditching the carbs!  Well...not completely...but im trying to cut out bread, pasta...and potatoes for the time being. Yesterday at dinner I did really good! We had hamburgers baked beans and pasta salad....atleast the family did anyways. I had a plain patty...and I sauteed up some mixed vegetables. This is going to be super challenging for me because I do love me some Italian food!!! Hoping to start rearranging some schedules so I can get back to exercising soon. Until then......dieting I go!!

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