Saturday, October 19, 2013

Patterns to Warm your Nubbins

Huddled up on the sofa this morning with my laptop, sipping a cup of coffee.....freezing my nubbins (fingers) off!  My hands are always like ice cubes when I am on the computer for awhile.....bad circulation maybe?  Right now.....its just from the chill of fall creeping in my house.  You know it is a cold morning when the kids haven't even attempted to get out of their beds!  Yes, I believe it is time to turn on the heat!
When it comes to turning on the heat for the first time...... my husband is the all time scrooge!!  He always insists that its not cold enough yet, put on some more clothes he says, get a blanket he says......trying to penny pinch while I sit here shivering, lol.  So, since I doubt we will be turning the heat on today, and yet I am still in need of some warm hands, I think it is time to get out the hook and make some fingerless gloves.
I have only made one pair of these before and they were for my chicklet about two years ago.  The pattern I no longer have, so I have had to compile a list ones to try. 
Now the only problem is deciding which ones to try first!

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