Monday, November 4, 2013

My Coupon Deals of the Week!!

All I can say is.......thank goodness for coupons!!!
Seriously, without them I wouldn't know what to do.  I have been able to save so much money while getting all the great brand name products.  With the high cost of food and other products these days....and tallying in the amount of everything my family uses......I would be flat broke if it wasn't for coupons.

I have watched the tv show Extreme Couponers.........and I don't see how they do it!!  Honestly because I follow all the coupon rules and have never walked out with $500.00 worth of merchandise for $5.00.  I have seen them use 20 of the same coupons before and we all know that the majority of the coupons limit you to 4 of the same one.  And now a days many stores have done away with doubling coupons (atleast inmy region).  So, while I still pay the hefty final bills, I still can not complain about my savings.  And if anyone can show me how to really extreme coupon as seen on tv......then I am ready to hear it because Im pretty it isn't going to happen!
Ok so here is what I was able to pick up and stock pile so far this week!

This is from my trip to Walgreens.  After coupons my total was $10.61 with a savings of $37.27.  I also earned 3000 rewards bonus points which equals $3.00 and received $5.00 back in Register Rewards.  Not too shabby, eh?

From shopping at CVS Pharmacy I was able to get this for a total of $6.83.  Total savings $34.99 and received $2.50 back in Extra Care bucks.

I got all of this at the Dollar General for a total of $13.35 and saved a total of $26.50. 

Now for the Dollar Tree!  Everything in this store is $1.00 so if you can save anything....even ten cents off a item is worth doing!  My starting total was $30.96 and after my coupons.....$17.96.

I think these are some great savings!!

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